The Humble Warrior

I’ve been going to yoga for about a month now, roughly two times a week. I’m not losing massive amounts of weight or anything drastic, but I can feel myself getting stronger. It’s true what they say about yoga poses never changing but your relationship to them evolving. Each time I do a pose I can feel how it’s different from the last time. Sometimes I’m not noticeably better and sometimes I’m worlds better.

One of my very favorite poses lately has been the Baddha Virabhadrasana, called in English the Bound Warrior or Humble Warrior. It’s a great stretch for your hips just like in other warrior poses but also adds a nice chest and shoulder stretch to the mix. For those unfamiliar with the pose, it looks like this:

Humble Warrior demonstrated by Leigh Ferrara

In this pose your feet are pretty much standard Warrior I but your chest is bent forward and, as my yoga instructor says, the crown of your head would be the first bit to hit the ground were you to fall forward. It’s probably unsurprising to people who know me that I’m drawn to lower-key, more submissive poses like this one. I find that in Humble Warrior it is much easier to keep my focus on my own practice instead of comparing myself to others in the class, something I have a terrible tendency to do. Warrior I and II just seem to ask for comparisons whereas this one is just me and the floor.

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