Design for Small Businesses

I excel at making sense of information.

You know your business. You shouldn’t have to be a website expert or know the ins and outs of graphic design to make a great impression on your customers. That’s where I come in.

I craft websites, menus, brochures, posters, and programs for people, businesses, and events. My final products are always clear to your customers and easy for you to manage.

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Website Design

I specialize in sites for small businesses, arts organizations, authors, and academics, with more than 15 years experience in these industries. All my website designs are easy to manage and I provide a complete training course before I hand it off to you.

Print Design

Printing out an advertisement, restaurant menu, or show program using Microsoft Word may be fast, but it doesn’t leave a great impression. Let me help you reflect the passion and hard work you’ve put in to your business.

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