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Recipe: Sara and Jacquelynn’s Rosemary Chicken and Broccoli Pizza with Garlic Butter Sauce

The Pizza Compatibility Test I’m pretty sure there have been many terrible jokes made about how you can never trust someone fully until you know what they put on your pizza. Anchovies? What’s wrong with you? Just cheese? Okay, well I hope you’re… oh, wait, just mozzarella? Well, you do you, but I’m never ordering […]


The New and Improved ICE: Apple’s Medical ID

I consider myself fairly knowledgable about most computer related things—that is my day job, after all—but this week I stumbled across an excellent feature of Apple’s iOS 8 that I didn’t know existed. You may be familiar with the practice of “in case of emergency,” wherein people enter emergency contacts in their cell phone address books under the […]


Hold Your Tongue

A number of my Facebook friends, many of them fellow alumni, have been linking to a January 4 NPR news story entitled, “Attracted To Men, Pastor Feels Called To Marriage With A Woman.”¹ The subject of the piece is Allan Edwards, a student who studied at Grove City College at the same time I attended and who […]